Friday, 23 January 2015

First Newsletter - Jan 2015

Dear Sai devotees,

Here is the first newsletter with the report of the developments on the Shirdi Sai temple that is being realized in the Netherlands.

What is our goal?

We cherish the desire to create a place where everyone can offer their praying's to our beloved Shirdi Sai Baba throughout a day and over seven days a week. That place must be freely accessible to everyone. 

It is planned to be held in a temple under the guidance of a priest's who will perform daily Aarthis, four times a day, like it happens in Shirdi. First of all a registered foundation is established. A building was found where we can fully start our activities. Many people are already aware of our initiative and most of them want to participate in this drive which is all very nice.

We are actively in contact with the Shirdi Sansthan Trust and  they are willing to send a priest who can educate volunteers on site here so that his task could be taken over. That will considerably relieve us from lot of organizational and financial hassles. Through contacts with the Trust we can order idol of Shirdi Sai in an easy way. 

Alternatively, it can be ordered in Shirdi. Regarding the location is concerned, we have a strong preference for a central place in the Netherlands for easy accessibility to everyone. We have already found a building that can be rented. Hence we can already start our activities. 

However, rent of the property, the idol of Baba plus transport costs and renovation costs can give a huge financial challenge to the foundation unless we carry it all together. Therefore an idea was raised among us to ask anyone for a contribution of ten euros a month. (This amount may, of course, can be more or less). 

You will find the details of the bank hereafter in the newsletter. It remains the responsibility of all of us to make this happen and a lot can be achieved when we work together. We strongly believe that Baba will solve it for us.

Regarding the financial picture is concerned: 

We are undertaking a preparatory work for King's day. On that day we want to cook snacks and sell them in order to generate revenue for the temple. Would you like to join? Please let us know. It would be great if we can form different groups throughout the Netherlands.

We are organizing weekly bhajans in Amstelveen and you are all welcome to join. You can retrieve information from the Foundation. We’re involved, making the website of our initiative, please let us know if any of you can help herewith. 

Finally, at the bottom of the page you'll find fantastic and beautiful Baba mantra: "Om Shri Sai Nathaya Namaha”. 

If you just do not know how you can contribute to the whole, you can always at least repeat the mantra. 

De gegevens van de stichting:

Naam van de stichting : Shirdi Sai stichting Netherlands

KvK : 62273639

geregistreerd adres : Buitenplein 5, Amstelveen, 1181ZB

Bank A/c nummer : NL91 KNAB 0720 2804 00 (Shirdi Sai stichting Netherlands)


twitter account @ShirdiSai_NL

facebook group 0224 573445 ; 06 29361347

With best regards,


Our Message & Information

Dear Devotees,

We have created this group, to be able to interact with like minded people, and eventually build Shirdi Sai Baba Temple in Netherlands.

Please visit us alternatively you can tweet us "@ShirdiSai_NL".

Based on the number of request we received in the last few days, we have herewith shared the bank account and other details of the Foundation. Also we would like to mention that you can also share these info to your friends outside Netherlands or on your FB wall, we are happy to welcome more members and contributions, to help this foundation grow.

Name of Trust : Shirdi Sai stichting Netherlands

Bank A/C No: NL91 KNAB 0720 2804 00 (Shirdi Sai stichting Netherlands)

Twitter :

Website :

Email Address: