Saturday, 21 October 2017

Cooking For Others - Annadhana Seva in Netherlands

Cooking For Others - Annadhana Seva in Netherlands

            As in various sayings of Shirdi sai and contexts mentioned in Sai Satcharitra --sadhanas (means of spiritual accomplishment) are prescribed in our scriptures for different ages. 

Tapa (Penance) is recommended for the Krita age
Jnana(Knowledge) for the Treta age
Yajna (Sacrifice) for the Dwapara age and 
Dana (Charity) for the Kali (current) age, Of all the forms of charity, giving food is the best.

                 Inline to the above sayings of Baba, SSSNL has always been striving to address one of the major issues in Netherlands, which is not poverty but loneliness. Within, SSSNL (an non-profit foundation in Netherlands) all devotees and volunteers, unanimously agree that the ideal way to address the problem of loneliness is by bringing people together, by connecting them through food.

                   For the last (3) three years, SSSNL has been doing this Annadhana seva (Project cooking for Others) in various parts of Netherlands. and in Amsterdam Zuidoost, the service is organised every 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month. The seva is done by serving 3 course meal (for free) in a nice cosy community centre where people can sit eat and relax for 3 hours with an environment to talk to others (everyone is free to join irrespective of religion, location, age or gender).

                 We have been serving around 4000 people every year and we all these services are done with volunteers help and support. SSSNL, have also started the  activity in elderly homes of Amstelveen, The Hague (Den hague). The Seva (service) will also start in Eindhoven and Rotterdam from 2018.

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