Thursday, 26 September 2019

Rabobank Club Support - SSSNL

Rabobank Club Support

Jai Sai Ram,

Dear Devotees, as many of you know that our samaj (Shirdi Sai Stichting Netherlands) has been trying to raise funds for various other activities within samaj. As as a principle and by SSSNL ethics we restrict requesting asking devotees for donation or a contribution.

However, money in smaller amounts is always needed for maintenance and activities in samaj. Hence we approached various bank for loans.

With Baba's Blessing, and our continued efforts in maintaining good relationship with banks has been fruitful, as Rabobank with its Club support program has agreed to involve us in their Project.

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  • We request every devotee to vote for us, as the Winners are decided by the  maximum number of votes.
  • Since only Rabobank account holders are allowed to vote, please open a bank account (may be a savings bank account) and vote for our samaj.
  • The voting period starts between 27 September-2019 and closes on October 11 2019
  • Please share this with maximum number of people so that we can get maximum votes.

  • Only members of Rabobank can vote. (You should have an Rabobank account)
  • Members from 12 years old can vote. (The Rabobank account holder should be over 12 years of age)
  • The amount that is paid to the association or foundation depends on the number of votes that an association or foundation receives and the available cooperative dividend from the local Rabobank.
  • Each member may cast 5 votes on the associations and foundations, of which a maximum of 2 may be cast on the same association / foundation.

To Vote:

  • If you are Rabobank account holder you would have received a unique code via email or post? if not request via this URL
  • Once you receive the code (It may take 2 working days), click here to vote for Shirdi Sai Stichting Netherlands.