Thursday 26 September 2019

Rabobank Club Support - SSSNL

Rabobank Club Support

Jai Sai Ram,

Dear Devotees, as many of you know that our samaj (Shirdi Sai Stichting Netherlands) has been trying to raise funds for various other activities within samaj. As as a principle and by SSSNL ethics we restrict requesting asking devotees for donation or a contribution.

However, money in smaller amounts is always needed for maintenance and activities in samaj. Hence we approached various bank for loans.

With Baba's Blessing, and our continued efforts in maintaining good relationship with banks has been fruitful, as Rabobank with its Club support program has agreed to involve us in their Project.

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  • We request every devotee to vote for us, as the Winners are decided by the  maximum number of votes.
  • Since only Rabobank account holders are allowed to vote, please open a bank account (may be a savings bank account) and vote for our samaj.
  • The voting period starts between 27 September-2019 and closes on October 11 2019
  • Please share this with maximum number of people so that we can get maximum votes.

  • Only members of Rabobank can vote. (You should have an Rabobank account)
  • Members from 12 years old can vote. (The Rabobank account holder should be over 12 years of age)
  • The amount that is paid to the association or foundation depends on the number of votes that an association or foundation receives and the available cooperative dividend from the local Rabobank.
  • Each member may cast 5 votes on the associations and foundations, of which a maximum of 2 may be cast on the same association / foundation.

To Vote:

  • If you are Rabobank account holder you would have received a unique code via email or post? if not request via this URL
  • Once you receive the code (It may take 2 working days), click here to vote for Shirdi Sai Stichting Netherlands.

Tuesday 26 March 2019

Upcoming Events & 2019 Calendar - SSSNL

Shri Ramanavami – Saturday 13th April & Sunday 14th April 2019

Jai Sai Ram,

Dear Devotees, On the auspicious Occasion of Shri Ramanavami an event has been organised in our samaj on Saturday 13th April & Sunday 14th April 2019. The Program schedule will be updated shortly. Please register to mark your presence and let us know if you could volunteer on the events days.

Sri raama patni janakasya puthri sitaangana sundara komalangi | Bhugarbha jaata bhuvanika maata vadhu varaabhyam varada bhavanthu ||

ShriRama Navami:

In 1897, Gopalrao Gund proposed holding in Urus as in expression of his gratitude to Baba for having been granted the birth of a son after many childless years. Baba gave HIS permission for the celebration and fixed the day for Ramnavami.

This was an ingenious touch of Baba’s. Urus is a Muslim festival honouring a Muslim Saint( usually one who passed away); by holding the Urus, on the day of a Hindu festival, the two communities were brought closer tighter in a natural yet remarkable way.

Saturday 21 October 2017

Cooking For Others - Annadhana Seva in Netherlands

Cooking For Others - Annadhana Seva in Netherlands

            As in various sayings of Shirdi sai and contexts mentioned in Sai Satcharitra --sadhanas (means of spiritual accomplishment) are prescribed in our scriptures for different ages. 

Tapa (Penance) is recommended for the Krita age
Jnana(Knowledge) for the Treta age
Yajna (Sacrifice) for the Dwapara age and 
Dana (Charity) for the Kali (current) age, Of all the forms of charity, giving food is the best.

                 Inline to the above sayings of Baba, SSSNL has always been striving to address one of the major issues in Netherlands, which is not poverty but loneliness. Within, SSSNL (an non-profit foundation in Netherlands) all devotees and volunteers, unanimously agree that the ideal way to address the problem of loneliness is by bringing people together, by connecting them through food.

                   For the last (3) three years, SSSNL has been doing this Annadhana seva (Project cooking for Others) in various parts of Netherlands. and in Amsterdam Zuidoost, the service is organised every 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month. The seva is done by serving 3 course meal (for free) in a nice cosy community centre where people can sit eat and relax for 3 hours with an environment to talk to others (everyone is free to join irrespective of religion, location, age or gender).

                 We have been serving around 4000 people every year and we all these services are done with volunteers help and support. SSSNL, have also started the  activity in elderly homes of Amstelveen, The Hague (Den hague). The Seva (service) will also start in Eindhoven and Rotterdam from 2018.

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Friday 15 July 2016

GuruPurnima 2016 - Event information

Jai Sai ram,

 Guru Pournima - one of the important event and celebration for all shirdi Sai Devotees, falls on 19th July 2016.  And we at SSSNL have planned to celebrate the event on 19th & 23rd of July 2016 in our samaj. 

Here are the list of information to know more about the event and Travel to the samaj.  If you wish to volunteer for this event, please contact us.

      • Schedule for GuruPurnima Event
      • Event Registration
      • Prasadam
      • Public Transport
      • Parking

Schedule for GuruPurnima Event

Event Registration

Devotees can bring in any prasadam of their choice and quantity. All the prasadam will be served to the devotees after every Aarti.

Public Transport:

As many devotees, travel from different location in Netherlands, we would like to organize group travel using “NS group travel” which would workout very cheap when travelling as a group. Please see the mentioned link from NS

If you have any questions or comments about the travel or schedule details please contact Shri. Amol Gore via email or reach him at +31616106735

Please use the below link to register for your travel.

Closest Bus / Metro Stops



Parking is free on the streets everyday (and at all times), there are enough parking spaces available in nearby streets as well.

Friday 20 November 2015

Donation and Schedules Assignments -2016 SSSNL

Donation and Schedules Assignments

If you wish to donate money for any of the below mentioned activities, our bank account details are mentioned here.
KNAB BANK A/C – NL91 KNAB 0720 2804 00 
RABO BANK A/C – NL43 RABO 0303 0896 52 

( )
To be paid
(in progress) ( )
Renovation Work- phase II

Rent and Utilities 2016

Dhuni (Fireplace)

Buy a Brick- SSSNL

5 ft Murthy (cost) including shipping

Also things that we consume and required in our samaj are listed here; devotees are encouraged to also donate them.
·         Paper plates
·         Disposable cups, spoon / Fork
·         Kitchen tissues
·         Kitchen Towels
·         Toilet papers
·         Cleaning liquids for Kitchen/ toilet
·         Ghee, Oil for lamps
·         Small candle lamps
We look forward for your continuous interest and support in Shirdi Sai Samaj Netherlands.

Jai Sai Ram

Current and Upcoming Tasks 2015 – 2016 - SSSNL

Current and Upcoming Tasks 2015 – 2016

                On the current and upcoming tasks, we have a lot of information to be shared that we have been working for the last couple of months.

Renovation Work
·         We have completed phase 1 of renovation work, which included building the Kitchen, proper lighting and fixing broken doors

·         In phase II (two), that will start in mid of February 2016 , we would start with painting of walls and doors.

Rent / Buying

·         As you all know the rents are rising every year in Netherlands and we are also one of the beneficiary to take that financial commitment.

o   Our property owner has already indicated that the rent will still increase for us in the coming year 2016; So we are in talks with Rabobank to see if we could buy the place that will lower our financial commitment every month. For more information please contact us via email. So if we have to buy the property we have to pay atlest 30% of the overall cost, which will sum up to 35000 euros, we would start a new project called “Buy a Brick - SSSNL”. We will send more information in upcoming weeks

Dhuni (Fire place)

Well, it has been our long term plan to have a fireplace (Dhuni), as in Shirdi which should be kept in front of baba and should be kept burning forever. Well the dream has been fulfilled, as we have now bought a Fireplace, which by all possible means would be kept burning.

Other Tasks and Activities

As a samaj, we have been thinking of ways to involve our devotees and supporting their needs to an extent, so as a first step we have made a decision, to help our devotees finding jobs in Netherlands
In this task, we thought of giving some hands on experience for interested people, in searching for ICT jobs. Since we have plans to renovate our website and build a mobile app for our samaj, we thought of asking our interested devotees to take part in the ICT project, and also we have nominated some devotees to lead the team.

·         With reference to the project of revamping our website and building a mobile app for our samaj
o   Please contact Amol (you can find him in our whatsapp group) for website development project and please contact Rajaraman for mobile app building project.
·         We have been actively involved in Preparing Bhajan Books and incase if you wish involve in this task please contact Ram Sundar.

·         And as you all know, that we all take care of the samaj and the center and its daily opening and aarti schedule. So if you wish to nominate yourself for this activity please click here

Upcoming Events - 2016 Events Calender - Shirdi Sai Samaj Netherlands

Upcoming Events

We have been working on our next event for 2015 and also the upcoming events in 2016, we have planned to celebrate the New Year with all the devotees.  Also we would perform all the four aarthi’s on December 31st and 01st January 2016, so we need volunteers to take active part and involve in keeping the center open for all the aarthi.

 If you wish to volunteer for the New Year event celebration please send us an email to

 We are working on to have a detailed calendar of events for 2016 and soon it will be published in our website.

Date 1
Date 2
Datta Jayanti 2015
Thursday 24.12.2016

New Year Celebration 2015- 16
Thursday 31.12.2015
Friday           01.01.2016
Shri Ram Navami 2016
Friday      15.04.2016
Saturday       16.04.2016
Shri Gurupournima 2016
Tuesday  19.07.2016
Wednesday 20.07.2016
Shri Punyatithi   2016
Sunday   09.10.2016

Diwali 2016
Sunday 30-10-2016

Datta Jayanti
Thursday 13.12.2016

Note: The above mentioned events are some of the highlights of our event calendar. Many other important festivals / occasions are celebrated at SSSNL, for more information and event updates please visit our website or join our whatsapp group