Friday, 20 November 2015

Current and Upcoming Tasks 2015 – 2016 - SSSNL

Current and Upcoming Tasks 2015 – 2016

                On the current and upcoming tasks, we have a lot of information to be shared that we have been working for the last couple of months.

Renovation Work
·         We have completed phase 1 of renovation work, which included building the Kitchen, proper lighting and fixing broken doors

·         In phase II (two), that will start in mid of February 2016 , we would start with painting of walls and doors.

Rent / Buying

·         As you all know the rents are rising every year in Netherlands and we are also one of the beneficiary to take that financial commitment.

o   Our property owner has already indicated that the rent will still increase for us in the coming year 2016; So we are in talks with Rabobank to see if we could buy the place that will lower our financial commitment every month. For more information please contact us via email. So if we have to buy the property we have to pay atlest 30% of the overall cost, which will sum up to 35000 euros, we would start a new project called “Buy a Brick - SSSNL”. We will send more information in upcoming weeks

Dhuni (Fire place)

Well, it has been our long term plan to have a fireplace (Dhuni), as in Shirdi which should be kept in front of baba and should be kept burning forever. Well the dream has been fulfilled, as we have now bought a Fireplace, which by all possible means would be kept burning.

Other Tasks and Activities

As a samaj, we have been thinking of ways to involve our devotees and supporting their needs to an extent, so as a first step we have made a decision, to help our devotees finding jobs in Netherlands
In this task, we thought of giving some hands on experience for interested people, in searching for ICT jobs. Since we have plans to renovate our website and build a mobile app for our samaj, we thought of asking our interested devotees to take part in the ICT project, and also we have nominated some devotees to lead the team.

·         With reference to the project of revamping our website and building a mobile app for our samaj
o   Please contact Amol (you can find him in our whatsapp group) for website development project and please contact Rajaraman for mobile app building project.
·         We have been actively involved in Preparing Bhajan Books and incase if you wish involve in this task please contact Ram Sundar.

·         And as you all know, that we all take care of the samaj and the center and its daily opening and aarti schedule. So if you wish to nominate yourself for this activity please click here

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