Friday, 20 November 2015

Donation and Schedules Assignments -2016 SSSNL

Donation and Schedules Assignments

If you wish to donate money for any of the below mentioned activities, our bank account details are mentioned here.
KNAB BANK A/C – NL91 KNAB 0720 2804 00 
RABO BANK A/C – NL43 RABO 0303 0896 52 

( )
To be paid
(in progress) ( )
Renovation Work- phase II

Rent and Utilities 2016

Dhuni (Fireplace)

Buy a Brick- SSSNL

5 ft Murthy (cost) including shipping

Also things that we consume and required in our samaj are listed here; devotees are encouraged to also donate them.
·         Paper plates
·         Disposable cups, spoon / Fork
·         Kitchen tissues
·         Kitchen Towels
·         Toilet papers
·         Cleaning liquids for Kitchen/ toilet
·         Ghee, Oil for lamps
·         Small candle lamps
We look forward for your continuous interest and support in Shirdi Sai Samaj Netherlands.

Jai Sai Ram

Current and Upcoming Tasks 2015 – 2016 - SSSNL

Current and Upcoming Tasks 2015 – 2016

                On the current and upcoming tasks, we have a lot of information to be shared that we have been working for the last couple of months.

Renovation Work
·         We have completed phase 1 of renovation work, which included building the Kitchen, proper lighting and fixing broken doors

·         In phase II (two), that will start in mid of February 2016 , we would start with painting of walls and doors.

Rent / Buying

·         As you all know the rents are rising every year in Netherlands and we are also one of the beneficiary to take that financial commitment.

o   Our property owner has already indicated that the rent will still increase for us in the coming year 2016; So we are in talks with Rabobank to see if we could buy the place that will lower our financial commitment every month. For more information please contact us via email. So if we have to buy the property we have to pay atlest 30% of the overall cost, which will sum up to 35000 euros, we would start a new project called “Buy a Brick - SSSNL”. We will send more information in upcoming weeks

Dhuni (Fire place)

Well, it has been our long term plan to have a fireplace (Dhuni), as in Shirdi which should be kept in front of baba and should be kept burning forever. Well the dream has been fulfilled, as we have now bought a Fireplace, which by all possible means would be kept burning.

Other Tasks and Activities

As a samaj, we have been thinking of ways to involve our devotees and supporting their needs to an extent, so as a first step we have made a decision, to help our devotees finding jobs in Netherlands
In this task, we thought of giving some hands on experience for interested people, in searching for ICT jobs. Since we have plans to renovate our website and build a mobile app for our samaj, we thought of asking our interested devotees to take part in the ICT project, and also we have nominated some devotees to lead the team.

·         With reference to the project of revamping our website and building a mobile app for our samaj
o   Please contact Amol (you can find him in our whatsapp group) for website development project and please contact Rajaraman for mobile app building project.
·         We have been actively involved in Preparing Bhajan Books and incase if you wish involve in this task please contact Ram Sundar.

·         And as you all know, that we all take care of the samaj and the center and its daily opening and aarti schedule. So if you wish to nominate yourself for this activity please click here

Upcoming Events - 2016 Events Calender - Shirdi Sai Samaj Netherlands

Upcoming Events

We have been working on our next event for 2015 and also the upcoming events in 2016, we have planned to celebrate the New Year with all the devotees.  Also we would perform all the four aarthi’s on December 31st and 01st January 2016, so we need volunteers to take active part and involve in keeping the center open for all the aarthi.

 If you wish to volunteer for the New Year event celebration please send us an email to

 We are working on to have a detailed calendar of events for 2016 and soon it will be published in our website.

Date 1
Date 2
Datta Jayanti 2015
Thursday 24.12.2016

New Year Celebration 2015- 16
Thursday 31.12.2015
Friday           01.01.2016
Shri Ram Navami 2016
Friday      15.04.2016
Saturday       16.04.2016
Shri Gurupournima 2016
Tuesday  19.07.2016
Wednesday 20.07.2016
Shri Punyatithi   2016
Sunday   09.10.2016

Diwali 2016
Sunday 30-10-2016

Datta Jayanti
Thursday 13.12.2016

Note: The above mentioned events are some of the highlights of our event calendar. Many other important festivals / occasions are celebrated at SSSNL, for more information and event updates please visit our website or join our whatsapp group

Annadana seva (Cooking for the Needy) – SSSNL

Annadana seva (Cooking for the Needy) – SSSNL

                It has been a vision for us to start this seva (Service) from 2016, Thanks to the efforts of devotees; we have progressed much faster to start this activity in 2015.

·         As a trial run we will start this project on 21st November 2015, with a small Seva team compromising of 7 members.

·         We have been closely working with various agencies to start this activity (like voedselbank and buurt huizen ) thanks to all the efforts from Nico and Elsbeth.

·         Here is the glimpse of the menu

§  Vadai
§  Murukku
§  Vegtable Rice
§  Wortel Tomato Salad
§  Papadam
§  Payasam (Kheer)
§  Chai

·         We will bring all the necessary ingredients and will prepare the food in the Kitchen and serve, here is glimpse of the schedule
Madhyan Aarti
Assemble at Bonte Kraai (650 m from our Amsterdam Center)
Start preparing food/ Tea (chaai)
Serve Chaai and Vada followed by discussion
Activity Session
14:45 – 15:00
Food to be served
Dhoop Aarti
Shej Aarti

·         Since this is first time that we are doing this kind of activity, we request all our inputs and support. Also we will improve with the timings and frequency of the seva, as of now we have planned for once a month (but our aim is to do it regularly and every day)

·         We have identified the people who will cook, however if any other devotees who wishes to join the seva , please send us an email.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

News : Activities started at Shirdi Sai Samaj Netherlands

Jai Sai Ram

With all your dedication, love , devotion and contributions, the activities at "Shirdi Sai Samaj Netherlands", has stepped up. 

Mandir will be open from 17:00 hrs till 20:30 hrs. We start with Bhajans, Read and explain Sai Satcharitra and then Aarthi and Dinner will follow.

On Kannan Baba's visit to our place, he promised to send us a Marble Idol (Murthy) of Baba and hope we could setup Baba's Murthy by this year end.

Some of the pictures & Videos of our event on June 1st 2015 is uploaded in the below links Pictures of June 01st 2015  and   Videos - June 01st 2015

Also, we are currently planning  for Guru Pournima Event on 31st July 2015. Guru Pournima 2015 Invite Link

Other Activities / Updates:

  • We have added RaboBank to our Bank list and our account number is    NL43 RABO 0303 0896 52   - SHIRDI SAI STICHTING NETHERLANDS
    • With this account, devotees can now , give us authorization to debit a fixed amount monthly as "Donation". Direct Debit form
  • Going forward, we would like to communicate with our devotees  through our website / Post and email. Hence we request you all to fill and send the membership form.  SSSNL_Membership form
    • The membership (and the form) is free and once registered, the members will be informed about the happenings via post / Email.
    • For every registered devotee, pooja will be performed on a given name (choice of four times a year) and the prasad will be sent to their mailing address.
    • Every registered devotee (in Europe), will receive Yearly calender, a small postcard sized picture of baba and a pen (all which are sent after doing pooja keeping the items at baba's feet)
  • We have arranged for Internet (Wifi) , Landline number and a mobile number. Our Telephone number is +31(0) 207539401 and mobile number is +31(0) 633723410
  • List of things to be done, Items needed in the Mandir can be found here. Items Needed
We look forward to hear your feedback and comments.

Jai Sai Ram

Friday, 22 May 2015

Monthly Updates - April & May 2015

Om Jai Sai Ram
Dear Devotees,
We are excited to update you all with a vast progress we have made in the last two months. Now that we are close to start our activities in our place, I would like to thank you all for the support.
After having a good experience on “Kings Day” fund raising event, we have utilized the money collected to move ahead with various activities in our Mandir. Our efforts to reach out various Shirdi Sai samaj around the world has gained a lot of momentum. And as a Chairman I am very happy to let you all know about Kannan Babaji’s Visit to our Mandir.
Some of the activities and progress we have made so far…..
1. We have sent out an event invitation to all devotees via Facebook/ Email / WhatsApp, for the meeting with Kannan Baba ji and team from “World Shirdi Sai Baba Organisation”, please join us in welcoming babaji to our Mandir, and please revert to the event invitation or just send us an email about your confirmation.
2. Baba’s Painting (a 6 feet by 4 feet Painting) has arrived and now, we are working towards having a frame around baba’s portrait.
3. We also have Baba’s Padhukas in the Mandir (which will be installed next week) and udhi from Shirdi.
4. We have also ordered a small Murthy (Idol) from India, which is expected to reach us by next month.
• One of our devotee, Nico Van de ven, has agreed to get us carpet- floor tiles to be laid, inside the Mandir.
• We need volunteers to help us arrange for the next event / also for regular activity in the Mandir. Please come forward in the service to Baba.
5. We have added Rabobank to our list of Banks, and we have enabled direct debit feature, with this devotees can gives us authorization to debit a monthly contribution from their account.
• We hope that if every devotees in Europe, would contribute 5- 10 euros / month, we can build our own temple in 2 years from now. If you wish to contribute, please download the attached authorization form and send us the duly filled form.
• You can email / send via post the direct debit authorization form (available in Dutch)

Other Minor Updates.

• A Bible, Quaran and Bhagavad Gita is now available in the Mandir for devotees to read during their visit.

• Sai Satcharitra is now available in English, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu and Kannada in the Mandir, devotees can buy or read them or listen to the audio podcast at our temple in their preferred language.
• We have planted small plants inside the temple to give a better ambience and feel. Request devotees to water them on regular basis.
• We have removed the Painting in the glass panel (hope only people who have visited us would know about this), also the shutter is now fixed.
• We have arranged the Water / Electricity / internet facility in the Mandir.

Upcoming Facilities:

• The Mandir will be open 24 x 7 to all devotees only the aarti timings would be controlled, devotees who are registered with us can get the access code to enter the Mandir anytime.

• Devotees can see the Live Aarti and participate in our meeting via our website.

Other to do Tasks:

• We need to do some small wood work / renovation inside the Mandir, at an estimated price of 3000 euros. Please feel free to suggest a renovation person if you know anyone.

• A name board and a kuthu vilaku (long standing lamp) needs to be ordered.

I am happy that we are progressing in our initiative and thanks to all devotees for your continued support. Also special thanks to Ram Sundar​, Vinodh Kumar​, Amol Gore​, Viji Las​, Astha Mishra​, Abyy Kaisa Ray​ and Devanand Ramachandren​ for their continued support and interest.

Monday, 23 February 2015

News - Place finalised for Mandir - Part 1

Jai Sai Ram

Dear Sai devotees,

We have some good news finally, we have finalised a place in Amsterdam, the address and the details are mentioned here,

The address is : Dadelpalmstraat 8,1104 DD Amsterdam

If you have any thoughts and inputs on this place, please email us. The place is close to Metro and bus stop and also close to highway, which is in a way accessible by all means of transport.

Please click here for pictures and video's

Also please check out the attached excel sheet for the estimated cost, we have worked out for the year 2015. As of now, we require 20000.00 euros approximately and we have just 2% of the required funds. 

We request every devotee to donate generously and also spread the word and help us raise funds.

We are planning to start from March 2015, Also we need a lot volunteers to make this successful. Please send us your suggestions and questions on how you can volunteer in this by sending us an email to

Friday, 23 January 2015

First Newsletter - Jan 2015

Dear Sai devotees,

Here is the first newsletter with the report of the developments on the Shirdi Sai temple that is being realized in the Netherlands.

What is our goal?

We cherish the desire to create a place where everyone can offer their praying's to our beloved Shirdi Sai Baba throughout a day and over seven days a week. That place must be freely accessible to everyone. 

It is planned to be held in a temple under the guidance of a priest's who will perform daily Aarthis, four times a day, like it happens in Shirdi. First of all a registered foundation is established. A building was found where we can fully start our activities. Many people are already aware of our initiative and most of them want to participate in this drive which is all very nice.

We are actively in contact with the Shirdi Sansthan Trust and  they are willing to send a priest who can educate volunteers on site here so that his task could be taken over. That will considerably relieve us from lot of organizational and financial hassles. Through contacts with the Trust we can order idol of Shirdi Sai in an easy way. 

Alternatively, it can be ordered in Shirdi. Regarding the location is concerned, we have a strong preference for a central place in the Netherlands for easy accessibility to everyone. We have already found a building that can be rented. Hence we can already start our activities. 

However, rent of the property, the idol of Baba plus transport costs and renovation costs can give a huge financial challenge to the foundation unless we carry it all together. Therefore an idea was raised among us to ask anyone for a contribution of ten euros a month. (This amount may, of course, can be more or less). 

You will find the details of the bank hereafter in the newsletter. It remains the responsibility of all of us to make this happen and a lot can be achieved when we work together. We strongly believe that Baba will solve it for us.

Regarding the financial picture is concerned: 

We are undertaking a preparatory work for King's day. On that day we want to cook snacks and sell them in order to generate revenue for the temple. Would you like to join? Please let us know. It would be great if we can form different groups throughout the Netherlands.

We are organizing weekly bhajans in Amstelveen and you are all welcome to join. You can retrieve information from the Foundation. We’re involved, making the website of our initiative, please let us know if any of you can help herewith. 

Finally, at the bottom of the page you'll find fantastic and beautiful Baba mantra: "Om Shri Sai Nathaya Namaha”. 

If you just do not know how you can contribute to the whole, you can always at least repeat the mantra. 

De gegevens van de stichting:

Naam van de stichting : Shirdi Sai stichting Netherlands

KvK : 62273639

geregistreerd adres : Buitenplein 5, Amstelveen, 1181ZB

Bank A/c nummer : NL91 KNAB 0720 2804 00 (Shirdi Sai stichting Netherlands)


twitter account @ShirdiSai_NL

facebook group 0224 573445 ; 06 29361347

With best regards,


Our Message & Information

Dear Devotees,

We have created this group, to be able to interact with like minded people, and eventually build Shirdi Sai Baba Temple in Netherlands.

Please visit us alternatively you can tweet us "@ShirdiSai_NL".

Based on the number of request we received in the last few days, we have herewith shared the bank account and other details of the Foundation. Also we would like to mention that you can also share these info to your friends outside Netherlands or on your FB wall, we are happy to welcome more members and contributions, to help this foundation grow.

Name of Trust : Shirdi Sai stichting Netherlands

Bank A/C No: NL91 KNAB 0720 2804 00 (Shirdi Sai stichting Netherlands)

Twitter :

Website :

Email Address: