Saturday, 13 June 2015

News : Activities started at Shirdi Sai Samaj Netherlands

Jai Sai Ram

With all your dedication, love , devotion and contributions, the activities at "Shirdi Sai Samaj Netherlands", has stepped up. 

Mandir will be open from 17:00 hrs till 20:30 hrs. We start with Bhajans, Read and explain Sai Satcharitra and then Aarthi and Dinner will follow.

On Kannan Baba's visit to our place, he promised to send us a Marble Idol (Murthy) of Baba and hope we could setup Baba's Murthy by this year end.

Some of the pictures & Videos of our event on June 1st 2015 is uploaded in the below links Pictures of June 01st 2015  and   Videos - June 01st 2015

Also, we are currently planning  for Guru Pournima Event on 31st July 2015. Guru Pournima 2015 Invite Link

Other Activities / Updates:

  • We have added RaboBank to our Bank list and our account number is    NL43 RABO 0303 0896 52   - SHIRDI SAI STICHTING NETHERLANDS
    • With this account, devotees can now , give us authorization to debit a fixed amount monthly as "Donation". Direct Debit form
  • Going forward, we would like to communicate with our devotees  through our website / Post and email. Hence we request you all to fill and send the membership form.  SSSNL_Membership form
    • The membership (and the form) is free and once registered, the members will be informed about the happenings via post / Email.
    • For every registered devotee, pooja will be performed on a given name (choice of four times a year) and the prasad will be sent to their mailing address.
    • Every registered devotee (in Europe), will receive Yearly calender, a small postcard sized picture of baba and a pen (all which are sent after doing pooja keeping the items at baba's feet)
  • We have arranged for Internet (Wifi) , Landline number and a mobile number. Our Telephone number is +31(0) 207539401 and mobile number is +31(0) 633723410
  • List of things to be done, Items needed in the Mandir can be found here. Items Needed
We look forward to hear your feedback and comments.

Jai Sai Ram