Friday, 22 May 2015

Monthly Updates - April & May 2015

Om Jai Sai Ram
Dear Devotees,
We are excited to update you all with a vast progress we have made in the last two months. Now that we are close to start our activities in our place, I would like to thank you all for the support.
After having a good experience on “Kings Day” fund raising event, we have utilized the money collected to move ahead with various activities in our Mandir. Our efforts to reach out various Shirdi Sai samaj around the world has gained a lot of momentum. And as a Chairman I am very happy to let you all know about Kannan Babaji’s Visit to our Mandir.
Some of the activities and progress we have made so far…..
1. We have sent out an event invitation to all devotees via Facebook/ Email / WhatsApp, for the meeting with Kannan Baba ji and team from “World Shirdi Sai Baba Organisation”, please join us in welcoming babaji to our Mandir, and please revert to the event invitation or just send us an email about your confirmation.
2. Baba’s Painting (a 6 feet by 4 feet Painting) has arrived and now, we are working towards having a frame around baba’s portrait.
3. We also have Baba’s Padhukas in the Mandir (which will be installed next week) and udhi from Shirdi.
4. We have also ordered a small Murthy (Idol) from India, which is expected to reach us by next month.
• One of our devotee, Nico Van de ven, has agreed to get us carpet- floor tiles to be laid, inside the Mandir.
• We need volunteers to help us arrange for the next event / also for regular activity in the Mandir. Please come forward in the service to Baba.
5. We have added Rabobank to our list of Banks, and we have enabled direct debit feature, with this devotees can gives us authorization to debit a monthly contribution from their account.
• We hope that if every devotees in Europe, would contribute 5- 10 euros / month, we can build our own temple in 2 years from now. If you wish to contribute, please download the attached authorization form and send us the duly filled form.
• You can email / send via post the direct debit authorization form (available in Dutch)

Other Minor Updates.

• A Bible, Quaran and Bhagavad Gita is now available in the Mandir for devotees to read during their visit.

• Sai Satcharitra is now available in English, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu and Kannada in the Mandir, devotees can buy or read them or listen to the audio podcast at our temple in their preferred language.
• We have planted small plants inside the temple to give a better ambience and feel. Request devotees to water them on regular basis.
• We have removed the Painting in the glass panel (hope only people who have visited us would know about this), also the shutter is now fixed.
• We have arranged the Water / Electricity / internet facility in the Mandir.

Upcoming Facilities:

• The Mandir will be open 24 x 7 to all devotees only the aarti timings would be controlled, devotees who are registered with us can get the access code to enter the Mandir anytime.

• Devotees can see the Live Aarti and participate in our meeting via our website.

Other to do Tasks:

• We need to do some small wood work / renovation inside the Mandir, at an estimated price of 3000 euros. Please feel free to suggest a renovation person if you know anyone.

• A name board and a kuthu vilaku (long standing lamp) needs to be ordered.

I am happy that we are progressing in our initiative and thanks to all devotees for your continued support. Also special thanks to Ram Sundar​, Vinodh Kumar​, Amol Gore​, Viji Las​, Astha Mishra​, Abyy Kaisa Ray​ and Devanand Ramachandren​ for their continued support and interest.